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Rehabilitation Equipment

Tight Budget? Clinic Fundraising Works!

Get your clinic goals fully funded without breaking the budget. Try these tips for clinic fundraising. Your staff and patients will thank you!

Rehabilitation Equipment

Ron Courson’s Game-Changing ACL Recovery Techniques at the University of Georgia

At one time, an ACL injury could mark the beginning of the end for an athlete’s career. The recovery process […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Sarcopenia Prevention with Eccentric Exercise

If you work with elderly patients, you’ve probably seen your fair share of age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia. It […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Open vs Closed Kinetic Chain?

Should I be doing open kinetic chain (OKC) or closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercises with this particular patient? Certainly, there are advantages to both and we will briefly discuss those in this blog.

Rehabilitation Equipment

Eccentrics Case Study – Momentum Sports Medicine & Wellness

Marla Tappy, Physical Therapist and owner of Momentum Sports Medicine & Wellness in Sterling, Colorado, wanted to create something different. […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

A Tale of Two ACLs

Eccentric exercise improves and expedites ACL rehab. Take 90 seconds to see how eccentric exercise compares with concentric exercise in […]

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