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Rehabilitation Equipment

Tight Budget? Clinic Fundraising Works!

Get your clinic goals fully funded without breaking the budget. Try these tips for clinic fundraising. Your staff and patients will thank you!

Rehabilitation Equipment

Get Ahead of the Game with Prehab

Prehab reduces patient anxiety, hospital stay, recovery time, and cost, and increases patient satisfaction, clinic revenue, and return visits. As […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Finding the Best Competitive Advantage for Your Clinic – It’s All About Return on Investment

As we enter 2019, ask yourself – what steps are you taking to differentiate your clinic from the competition? If […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

We Talked Revenue and Engagement with a Clinic Manager

Metropolitan Occupational Therapy, Inc. (MOT) has led Washington D.C. in work rehabilitation for 25 years. Now with BTE’s PrimusRS, MOT’s Workers’ […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Gauging Your Clinic’s Growth Potential by Asking One Simple Question

                    As a business, it’s vital to keep tabs on your […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Customer Testimonials in a Fresh Light: How to Use Them to Fuel Your Clinic’s Business

“Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.” Sounds familiar, right? This marketing line […]

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