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Rehabilitation Equipment

10 Low-Cost Upgrades for Your Clinic

For the last six years, I have traveled to countless rehabilitation facilities all over the world. Much of my work […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Tight Budget? Clinic Fundraising Works!

Get your clinic goals fully funded without breaking the budget. Try these tips for clinic fundraising. Your staff and patients will thank you!

Rehabilitation Equipment

Drive Clinic Revenue Fore-ward with Golf Injury Programs

Golf is and has been a growing sport across many generations, and only looks to grow further.  In fact, nearly 24 […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Five Interview Questions You Should Ask the Clinic Manager

Earlier, we talked about key interview questions for hiring clinic managers to ask clinical job candidates. Now, let’s explore the […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Finding the Best Competitive Advantage for Your Clinic – It’s All About Return on Investment

As we enter 2019, ask yourself – what steps are you taking to differentiate your clinic from the competition? If […]

Rehabilitation Equipment

Hire the Right Clinicians to Grow Your Clinic – Five Interview Questions for New Candidates

As you look to grow your physical therapy or occupational therapy practice, through a combination of adding services, increasing referrals, […]

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