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Are Your Summer Shoes Causing Lower Extremity Injuries?

Many wonderful things happen during the summer time.  Vacations, family walks, outside time with the dog(s) all can be ways […]

Enhance Your Physical Therapy Practice Through Data-Driven Client Assessments

Innovations in technology have altered virtually every aspect of our lives.  From mobile devices to industry-specific software, we’re now able […]

Better Fall Prevention Programs – With Eccentric Exercise

Due to physiological changes of both quantity and quality of skeletal muscle, the elderly are at a 10x higher risk […]

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Welcome to TherapySpark! Your source for sparking conversation on important topics in rehab. At BTE, we have been helping the […]

Driving Clinic Revenue – A Case Study of 2 Dramatically Different, Proven Strategies

  Running and managing a therapy clinic is a tough slog today.  Especially when it comes to delivering excellent clinical […]

Improving Your Clinic’s Bottom Line – A New Way

The Power of Post Offer Employment Testing Profitability is the challenge for today’s Physical and Occupational Therapy clinic. The landscape […]