TechTrainer - The Smart Bilateral Pulley Equipment

TechTrainer - The Smart Bilateral Cable System

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Evaluate and rehab with objective measures on TechTrainer - BTE's smart, state of the art, pneumatic bilateral pulley system. Give both your clinical and athletic patients what they want – high tech treatment and exercise with realtime visual feedback and progress tracking. Never before have such advanced yet easy-to-use data capture and reporting technologies been integrated into a high performance pneumatic cable system.

BTE - the world leader in smart functional technology - has partnered with Keiser to bring you TechTrainer. This smart bilateral cable system provides physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength conditioning specialists alike with intelligent objective data capture using the finest pneumatic resistance technology. TechTrainer sets the new standard in smart, affordable functional metrics for cllnical applications in physical therapy, physiotherapy, & sports medicine as well as for athletic strength training and conditioning.

Get what you and your clients want: high tech testing and treatment with visual feedback and progress tracking. Give them results they can't get anywhere else but your facility!

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