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BTE PrimusRS™ is the culmination of 30 years of innovation and attentiveness to customer feedback. Upgrade to the most advanced functional rehabilitation system. Your early 1990s Primus was groundbreaking for its era, but the DOS-based operating system is now limited in capabilities. Further, many of its specialized electronic components can no longer be obtained, making future service impossible.

Over the years, BTE has listened to your needs, your ideas, and your feature requests. We have integrated new, powerful solutions into the PrimusRS. Trade in your early generation Primus for the dramatically enhanced software, hardware, applications, and educational features of PrimusRS. Act now to take advantage of the financially beneficial Trade In program.

I have an old Primus - What's New in PrimusRS

The new PrimusRS features:

  • New Hardware
  • New Software
  • New Applications
  • New Education

Call 410.850.0333 today or contact us online for more information on earning a significant discount trading in your older Primus for a state-of-the-art PrimusRS!