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PDA - Physical Demands Analysis

BTE’s onsite PDA services provide employers with reliable, objective measurements of the physical demand requirements of jobs. This information enables employers to manage a safe and productive work environment through better employee candidate hiring, targeted ergonomic improvements, identified safety improvement opportunities, and early return to work programs. The BTE PDA is an important foundation in maximizing program return on investment when building a BTE pre and post injury/disability program.

BTE's PDA Objectively Measures Specific Job Demands

BTE’s clinical staff are experts in job evaluation and work onsite at the employer location(s) to define and measure the specific job(s) demands, by Essential Function, using BTE’s proprietary technology and process. The outcome is a PDA report that provides objective, reliable and defensible documentation and facilitates web-based access to this information on a 24/7 basis utilizing JobAble™.

The PDA is the foundation for the legal defensibility for a Post Offer of Employment Testing program and is the comparative benchmark for expedited return to work using BTE’s Functional Capacity Testing™, TherAudit™, and JobAble™.

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