Physical Abilities Testing Cost Benefit Summary

Based on Injury Experience at Auto Manufacturing Plant

March 10, 2009

BTE is once again pleased to share outcome data from one of our employer customers. This large North American automobile manufacturer measured injury rates in a group of new hires that were BTE tested against a group of employees that did not undergo any type of physical abilities testing when hired. A comparison of the injury and incidence rates in the two groups is quite compelling: The BTE tested group of new hires experienced 53% fewer injuries compared to the group of non-tested employees. The incidence rate in the non-tested employee group was 4.3 times higher (2.6 vs 0.6) than the BTE Tested group.

The real upside of BTE's programs is illustrated in the financial opportunity analysis. This client estimated a total cost avoidance attributed to the post-offer employment program of over $2 million realized in just two years following implementation of the program.

The facts: BTE's program will reduce injury and incidence rates, while driving down claims costs. This reduction can also be translated to a measureable amount of dollar savings, which fall directly to the bottom line.