Auto manufacturer & parts distributor needs thousands
of new hires in a condensed time period

BTE mobilizes testing over 10-12 weeks in 16 locations,
including four internally staffed hiring centers

August 8, 2008

Customer Situation:

One of BTE’s customers – a leading automotive manufacturer – has used Post Offer of Employment Testing (POET) with their new hires for the past several years. Incorporating POET testing into their hiring procedures has saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced injuries and claims costs.

The New Challenge:

As the Company would be offering tenured employees early retirement packages, management needed to hire new employees in a concentrated time period at multiple locations. They turned to BTE to screen thousands of new employee candidates within 10-12 weeks, using the Post Offer of Employment Testing process to ensure the candidates met the required physical demands of the job.

BTE’s Role:

BTE quickly mobilized to deliver quality, essential testing, under unusual circumstances,
to help this manufacturer conduct accelerated volume hiring.

BTE Technologies was responsible for scheduling 4300+ tests, coordinating with internal managers for scheduling, interfacing with candidates on test instructions and directions, documenting clinic appointments,
testing in 16 markets including BTE-staffed locations, logistics planning for expanded hours testing (often 6 days/week, 12 hours/day), BTE clinical review of all tests and final pass/fail disposition.

The End Result:

BTE helped the manufacturer screen out 1300+ candidates who were not able to physically perform the essential functions of the job. This result is significant in managing injury prevention. Also, the reduction of secondary costs such as overtime, loss of productivity, absenteeism, and turnover are substantial.
In a compressed timeframe, volume hiring did not compromise quality hiring practices.