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FCE - Functional Capacity Evaluation

Objective, reliable measurement of function following injury or disability can change the course of treatment and the effectiveness of early return to work management. BTE’s EvalTech™/ER™ System sets a higher standard in functional capacity evaluation and the application of capacity assessment in managing recovery and return to work.

BTE's Complete FCE Reliably Measures and Documents Function

BTE offers a national network of clinics that utilize BTE’s EvalTech™/ER™ functional demand assessment technology and our proprietary FCE process. Initiated early in the lost time claim, the FCE can establish and document the residual capacity of the employee post injury and compare the post injury function to the physical demand requirements of the job. In addition, the FCE detail can be used to identify and target specific physiological deficit areas, which can be beneficial to the treating provider on medical treatment direction and intervention. Paired with the TherAudit™ process, the FCE plays a critical role in the case and claims management of individuals who have time away from work or require documentation of residual function.

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