Workforce Solutions Overview

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Preventing injuries and managing the cost of injury/disability and time off work is a critical part of a productive workforce and a healthy bottom line. BTE is changing the way employers and payers approach these challenges and the results are gaining attention across the market.

BTE’s solutions bring a fully integrated approach to managing injury prevention, targeting recovery and expediting return to work utilizing BTE’s proprietary technology, process and clinical expertise. BTE’s sophistication in function measurement utilizing the Evaluator™ and the ER/EvalTech™ Functional Testing System drive valid and measurable decision support for employers in both the hiring selection process and the execution of return to work decisions following an injury or disability.

Click the regions of the below diagram for a general overview of the stages in the BTE Solution.

Employer Payer Services Managed Recovery Employee Selection Return To Work

The Full Workforce Solutions Model demonstrates the scope of a full BTE program and provides practical images of the continuity of program design.

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