EvalTech / ER Courses

We encourage our customers and users to take advantage of all education opportunities. Benefits to learning more about your EvalTech / ER include increased utilization, faster return on investment, and improved/enhanced patient care. As part of our ongoing mission to provide educational support to our customers, BTE offers training courses at both our Denver, CO and Baltimore, MD offices.

Prior to proceeding with course registration, review important registration pre-requisites below.

Level 1 Training

  1. Level 1 Training is provided at your clinic by a BTE Product Specialist once your system is assembled. This 8 hr training focuses on operation of the hardware and software components of your EvalTech / ER.
  2. After completing Level 1 Training at your clinic, you must submit and pass the Level 1 Competency Test. Successful completion of this test is required to register for the EvalTech / ER Level 2 course, held at BTE offices. Please allow ample time to take and pass the test (at minimum 6 weeks prior to Level 2 course date).
  3. EvalTech Study Modules are provided to help you prepare for the test. To access EvalTech Study Modules, click here.
  4. After you have gone through the material, proceeed to the Level 1 Test. To take the Level 1 Competency test, click here. Note - the password for accessing the EvalTech Study Modules and Level 1 Competency Test was included with your system installation information. If misplaced, please call 800.331.8845, ext. 109.

Level 2 Training

  1. The Level 2 Course focuses on clinical applications. Therefore, registration is open to licensed, registered, or certified clinicians only. State Practice Acts do not permit aides, techs, and others to participate in Functional Capacity Evaluations.

    At the conclusion of the Level 2 Course, a competency test must be taken and passed (≥ 85%) in order to continue the certification process. In order to receive Functional Testing Certification, you must perform at minimum one FCE at your clinic and submit a sanitized copy of the FCE report for review. This final requirement is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.
  2. Eligible users can register for Level 2 Training after succesfully passing the Level 1 Competency Test (≥ 85%).
  3. The course offered is for EvalTech software customers only. ODES software is no longer supported (contact Kathy Wirtz for ODES training modules should you need them). To reserve a seat, you must complete and submit an online registration form. As course sizes are limited, register as soon as possible. You will be directed to a waiting list if the course is already full. After completion of the online registration, you will receive an email confirmation that a seat has been reserved in your name.


    BTE reserves the right to cancel any course due to lack of registrants. The determination to cancel or move forward with a course is made 3 weeks prior to the actual course date. At that time, you will receive a Final Confirmation Letter and you can proceed with booking travel.
  4. Click to access the course calendar and proceed with registration. Advance through the calendar by using the arrows located in the upper corners. Click on the course date you wish to attend. Complete all items on the registration form and then click on the Submit button located at the bottom of the form.

Access the calendar below to select the training course you would like to attend.

Access Course Calendar to Register for Classes

Additional dates are added on a regular basis. Check back for details.

Contact btetraining@btetech.com with any questions