BTE’s expertise is human physical performance evaluation and treatment. Our Rehabilitation Equipment provides advanced evidence-based physical therapy systems for clinics, hospitals, and private practices. BTE’s Workforce Solutions provides employers with superior processes and technology to enable employers to optimize productivity, through lower absenteeism/turnover, improved safety, reduced injuries and claims costs, and measurably increased performance. With BTE, people and companies achieve better outcomes.

Workforce Solutions

BTE's Workforce Solutions provides employers with superior processes and technology, to optimize productivity – from job assessment, employment screening, to evaluation and treatment, to job-matching and return to work – resulting in lower absenteeism/turnover, improved safety, reduced injuries and claims costs, and measurably increased performance. With BTE’s Workforce Solutions, companies are more productive.

PDA  Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
BTE's onsite services provide employers with reliable, objective measurements of the physical demands requirements of their jobs. Our expert clinical staff measure specific job demands by Essential Function using proprietary BTE technology. These customized analyses form the foundation for legal defensibility while maximizing return on investment as part of a full BTE pre and post injury / disability program.
|  POET Post Offer of Employment Testing (POET)
BTE's pre-hire testing is the key to legally defensible, reliable employee selection. Our intelligent solution utilizes the advanced EvalTech Functional Testing System to match the objectively measured requirements of a job against an employment candidate's demonstrated functional ability to perform those specific requirements. Rest easy - avoid hiring your next injury and improve your bottom line with BTE's advanced, industry leading POET program.
|  TherAudit  TherAudit™
Recovery Tracking & Management

TherAudit measures specific function and tracks medical recovery of an employee or claimant. TherAudit communicates seamlessly with BTE's EvalTech Functional Testing System and compares objective results throughout the recovery process to documented work requirements, expediting the injured or disabled individual's safe return to work.
|  FCE Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
BTE's network of certified clinics offers employers and payors of all sizes consistent Functional Capacity Evaluations throughout most of North America. BTE's objective, reliable measurement of function following injury or disability takes out the guesswork and aids in safe, speedy recovery. BTE's advanced FCE can change the course of treatment and the effectiveness of early return to work management.

Return to Work  Return To Work
BTE Employer Payer Services offer measurable recovery tracking against both the medical baseline and the Functional Capacity Evaluation. Objective, defensible data documents the impact of treatment in a post injury or disability case and accurately demonstrates RTW (return to work) readiness, providing significant return on investment.
|  TechnologyTechnology
BTE's proprietary EvalTech™ Functional Testing System, OscarLink™, and JobAble™ technologies combine integrated testing equipment with advanced software to offer program customization over a secure communications platform. Our intelligent solution drives measurable results for employers and payors, while providing simple, on-demand access to objective data and defensible reports.

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Rehabilitation Equipment

BTE's Rehabilitation Equipment provides therapists with superior technology and processes, enabling them to optimize patient and clinic results. BTE's systems achieve this by objective measurement and documentation of assessment, treatment, and outcomes, supporting decision-making throughout the continuum of care. With BTE’s Rehabilitation Equipment, therapists achieve better patient and clinic outcomes.

PrimusRS PrimusRS™ - The Ultimate Physical Therapy System
Step up to the most versatile and functional 'smart' physical therapy equipment for multi-joint testing, orthopedic rehab, neuromuscular reeducation, and advanced muskuloskeletal athletic training of both upper & lower extremities. Evaluate, rehab, and track progress with Isotonic, Isometric, Isokinetic, & CPM modes. PrimusRS is the first choice in evidence-based physiotherapy, OT, and sports medicine for objective, data-driven clinical testing & training.
  |   Eccentron Eccentron™ -
Eccentric Resistance Trainer - NEW

The sophisticated, eccentric resistance strength trainer with objective measures and results tracking. Increase lower extremity strength, mobility, and stability faster. Patients from a broad range of ages, fitness, and functional levels from geriatric to high performance athlete can all target strength, power, and endurance goals to make significant gains with Eccentron.
  |   MCU – Multi-Cervical Unit MCU™ Multi-Cervical Unit -
The Professional Neck Rehab System

Objectively measure and improve cervical spine range of motion and strengthen the neck in all planes of movement. Give your physical therapy and chiropractic patients real results with unmatched evaluation and rehabilitation of the cervical spine. Treat chronic neck pain and whiplash symptoms safely and effectively thanks to expert training on the MCU's easy to follow, research-backed protocol.

  EvalTech EvalTech™ -
Functional Testing System

Perform Functional Capacity Evaluations with automated, objective reports and gain referrals from the BTE FCE network with this comprehensive functional evaluation equipment for objective assessment of physical capabilities. Give your physical therapy clinic a strong competitive advantage in isometric human performance testing with the EvalTech physical therapy evaluation system.
  |   Simulator II Simulator II™ -
Smart Upper Extremity Rehab

Replicate hundreds of real world tasks, industrial jobs, and daily living functions in your physical or occupational therapy clinic. From evaluation to rehabilitation and work hardening, the BTE Simulator II is ideal for objective testing and treatment of injured and post op hands and upper extremities with safe, accurate Isometric and Isotonic resistance modes.
  |   Evaluator Evaluator™ -
Smart Portable Strength Testing

Perform objective physical measurements of upper and lower extremities with this compact, portable physical therapy and occupational therapy equipment. Measure range of motion and muscle and joint strength objectively with detailed analysis and automated reports in your clinic or on the go.

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